Our Unique Offering

We believe there are three huge 'pot holes' you must avoid in order to pass each AF exam first time and move on to the next stage of your journey;

  1. Being unprepared in terms of core knowledge and detail
  2. Poor exam technique
  3. Exam nerves and lack of confidence

If you have sat and failed any of the AF exams before, some or all of these may have happened to you. We would like to help you avoid these problems and pass each AF exam each time you sit them.

So how do we do it?

  1. Identify the core knowledge within the syllabus. We separate out what is it that you NEED to know, from what it is that you might LIKE to know.
  2. Break the exam code. We show you how to interpret the question; apply your knowledge to the case study; structure answers to fully address the tasks in the question; show calculation steps; give the right level of detail and manage the clock.
  3. Build confidence. We give you exam practice and constant feedback so you see what it is that you are doing right and what it is you may be doing wrong.

We have designed training that ensures candidates are given real exam practice and meaningful feedback from people who have exam marking experience. We think this is particularly important as you never see your exam paper after you walk out of the exam hall and yet so much can be learnt from it. This is your chance to benefit from that kind of unique feedback.

This level of exam requires you to have the knowledge, understanding and application of the relevant subject matter. So within the f2f courses we help bring the whole thing to life.
Our approach:

  • PRAGMATIC – we look at the easiest and simplest ways of learning
  • MEMORABLE – we use diagrams, mnemonics, examples, stories, client situations and links
  • TARGETED – we focus on the core of the syllabus and help candidates learn what they need to know to pass
  • TECHNIQUE - examiners constantly point out deficiencies in technique as the 'body blow' to success which is why this is an essential part of our courses
  • LANGUAGE – we show you how to decode the questions and use the right words and level of detail to score the marks, we do not want a single mark to be in danger
  • FEEDBACK – ongoing support helping you understand what it is that you are doing that is working and what you can do to improve your marks
  • FUN – there is enough tension in the exam process, so we balance this with a fun learning environment

Remember that only about half who sit these exams actually pass. So we think people need some help to avoid wasting time and money, studying for hours and then not passing! Ultimately our whole programme is designed to help: